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  • olddutch
    10-27 02:57 PM
    Sent H1B extension papers on Oct. 16th under Premium Processing to VSC.

    Got e-mail on Oct. 24th that it got transferred to CA and a decision will be made within 15 days.

    On Oct. 26 online status showed that this case has been approved. Also got e-mail the same day regarding the approval.

    Hope this information helps.

    Good Luck to everyone!

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  • vikki76
    04-21 12:21 PM
    Yes, you can move to H4 and then to H1-B as long as that H1-B is filed within 12 months. Otherwise, your application will be subject to 65K cap limit
    H4 can be filed onself, I have seen some of my friends do it. To file AOS once PD is current, it is essential that one be in H1-B status.

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  • Saralayar
    07-29 09:56 AM
    My son is an U.S citizen (4 years old) and my Attorney successfully filed a petion on behalf of me and mywife.

    But that petion is based on EB2 :p
    Another funny and time pass thread...

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  • GCwaitforever
    08-16 10:41 PM
    Check them out ...


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  • rc10580
    06-13 03:06 PM
    South of Brazil sounds good to me but my husband is not open to it and he is the one who is Brazilian :rolleyes:
    He is much more in favor of Europe and since I have EU passport we can basically live anywhere and he would be able to work the next day :D I feel like I have put so much effort into this by now that I'm not walking away this close. We will hang on and make decisions once we have GC and options to chose. You are so close! Don't give up now after waiting so long! Is your situation at work that bad? Is your wife working?

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  • Friend
    02-19 09:17 AM
    USCIS people rejected the Application. Now the application is with my Attorney. So which option I need to select the for the taking the Info Pass appointment. My Attorney is telling if they accept the application and they put any RFE so that we can take the Info Pass appointment is it correct?

    Can you suggest which option i need to select for info pass appointment for my case?

    Thanks for your valuable response.



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  • punjabi77
    08-06 12:12 PM
    In my particular case, when i signed the contract, the employer agreed to pay for my GC process. But as usual, My employer also did not follow the contract and when my labor was approved, he asked me to pay for the Labor and take care of GC application fees hence forth. I was kind of surprised and did argue with my employer. But Employer gave me an option to leave his company and move to a diff company if needed. But since the labor was approved and the current project was going fine, i thought of sticking with the company and agreed on paying the GC fees.

    I dont know if we can really go and harass our employer to re-imburse the GC expenses as they know what they are doing and what are the consequences if they go back on their words..I think they know pretty well about all the loopholes in this immigration process.

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  • newuser
    10-06 04:06 PM
    I was recently audited by Someone from Dept of Homeland Security regarding my H1-B visa status.He asked several questions regarding my position,job duties,pay,work hrs
    How long I was associated with my current company, What was my previous job and job duties,How long I am in US etc.
    I couldn't provide him the proof of the pay as I didn't had the pay stub to show him at that moment.

    I asked him is this just rutine procedure ?He said this is recently started process to check H1B fraud.

    Does any one else had same experience?

    Unless you fill your profile, nobody will trust you. Anti's are trying to get some negative comments and feed their agenda


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  • scamp
    07-09 12:52 AM
    Our lawyer asked us to submit 2 pictures for our 5 yr old daughter for our I-485 application However, after we sent all the documents, lawyer said they need another 2 pictures for her but they already filed our application and will just send the rest of the pictures if the USCIS ask for it, Is there any chance that USCIS will deny our application because of 2 missing pictures? Anyone has the same situation? Thanks.

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  • raysaikat
    01-06 03:33 PM
    Sincerest thanks for the information. Iam looking at criteria 1 to 10 in the list that you have provided. I believe that I can gather evidence to satisfy 2 criteria�s completely and maybe 1 partially, does that suffice or there is a rule that atleast say 4 / 10 or X / 10 should be satisfied as a minimum. Most of the criteria�s are actually meant for distinguished people in research, whereas my profile is more of an IT application developer / designer.

    Please read the text in the USCIS page carefully. You need to clearly satisfy at least 3 criteria. In practice, you try to provide at least some evidence for most criteria.

    Note also that you need to provide evidence of sustained fulfillment. E.g., suppose you want to show that

    "Evidence that the alien has judged the work of others, either individually or on a panel;"

    This is *not* satisfied, e.g., if you graded the papers of your students or did code-reviews! This is likely satisfied if you, e.g., were in an IEEE standards committee (especially if the standard becomes well known, e.g., IEEE 802.11, or Firewire, etc.). Similarly, if you just participated in a panel once, then the reviewer is likely to reject your claim; you really want to show that you regularly (e.g., once a month for last 3-4 years) participate in panels, etc. In my own case, I reviewed literally 100's of conference and journal papers, and was in the TPC of many conferences, and also participated in an NSF panel for reviewing proposals for funding.

    The reviewer will want evidence for each criteria. Sometimes you may be able to use the same evidence towards more than one criteria, but generally it is not the case.

    Finally remember that you need *very strong* recommendation letters from "well known" people *all over the world". Most people gets some letters from US, some from their home country, some from Europe, other countries, etc. I had about 10-15 letters from US, China, India, Netherlands, etc. The letter writer in each case must be very well known, and must hold a very high position (e.g., one of my letter writer was one of the heads of Philips research).

    In any case, it does not matter what I or someone else thinks about your qualifications. What matters is what the reviewer of your petition thinks. What I would suggest is that if you feel that you have a good chance at EB1-A (e.g., in your own mind you believe that you truly satisfy 3 criteria), then hire a good attorney and start working on preparing your dossier. The cost will be about $7000-$10,000 (depending upon what attorney you choose). Attorneys will charge much more for EB1 petitions since they actually have to work on it (rather than get a para-legal fill-in forms, as done in EB2 applications). It usually takes 4-6 months to get all material, etc.


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  • snathan
    08-18 05:32 PM
    They would however have to disclose that period of out of stay when they file the GC as G325 A asks for all status history. In other words, you will get screwed.

    Whoever has some approval by means of luck or fluke does not make it the law. They will take the bite when time comes.

    Exactly.....You nailed it correctly.

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  • DallasBlue
    07-18 09:24 PM
    Can I expect Conference call this Sunday (07/21) ? Please provide me the Phone number / Any password-Pin/ ANd time for the conference call.
    yes. 7/22 @ 11am cst

    Dial-In #: 1-218-486-1300


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  • Lasantha
    02-12 02:41 PM
    But I think the best approach would be to talk to a lawyer. Don't take any chances with this.

    yeah she is second generation Indo S.African (another 3rd world country). Will you please let how to change country of chargeability with out talking to any immigration attorney

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-01 01:39 PM
    But dont you guys expect improvement after all this fiasco ?

    DOS and USCIS will work closely together so dates in VB are more accurate. We dont see all Cs ever again without legislative changes.

    What else is there to learn?


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  • krishmunn
    01-18 10:54 AM
    I dont think it is reasonable amount if it is 15k then why the employer will bother for a H1 in the first place in this volatile economy...I think it is around 4000k etc

    4K (I am sure you meant 4 K not 4000 K :) ) is also high. Most Attorneys like Khanna, Murthy charge between 2 - 3 K.

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  • raj2007
    02-10 11:23 PM
    Keeping H status for the Primary applicant (H1B) may sometime act as 'failover pair' ... But in these days of Highend Retrogression (specially if you are from India/China/Mexico) getting a GC would take 7-10 years - does it makes sense staying in H1 even for the Primary ???

    I mean personally i've lived ( read 'did slavery') in US for sponsoring employees in H1 for 8 years and i wish to keep H1 as 'failover pair' but doing another 2nd term of slavery of 8 years till GC approval/denial comes - that has no sense at all. Its a 'No-Brainer' ....

    Moreover the depends - peoples who are new in this country 2-3 years and got EAD due to July Fiasco they can still continue H1 game but folks who already lived 6-7 years on H1B they can easily go to market and play...

    Advantage :- One advantage of EAD also is that if you lose your Job there is nothing called "revoke EAD" like "revoke H1B" so you can sit Jobless and sleep over for entire 8 years if you want and able to do :) :)

    I agree with depends how much time is left on H1.he can easily switch to H4


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  • sobers
    05-31 03:46 PM
    Clearly IV-QGA has a long ways to go before it an be featured in the 'big league'. Despite its short existence, its commendable what IV-QGA has been able to accomplish.

    National Immigration Forum: Angela Kelley, Christina DeConcini, Lynn Tramonte
    The Forum, the leading pro-immigrant advocacy group, has just expanded its lobbying arm by adding DeConcini, who was formerly with the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. The Forum “brings together strange bedfellows,” Kelley, its deputy director, said. She said groups that normally have little in common, such as the Chamber of Commerce, organized labor and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, join to work toward a “rational, constructive immigration policy.” Tramonte is the Forum’s senior policy communications associate.

    Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR): Paul Egan, Brian Bilbray
    Egan is the group’s director for government relations. FAIR is seeking a moratorium on most immigration to give the country time to develop a comprehensive reform strategy. Former Rep. Bilbray (R-Calif.) is on FAIR’s board of advisers and runs the group’s congressional task force. One lobbyist said Bilbray’s “incredible access” to the House of Representatives has helped FAIR in its work on immigration reform.
    * Bilbray is competing in a special election on June 6 to replace Duke Cunningham. If this guys wins, it will surely galvanize the Anti-Immigration forces in Congress and on the Hill.
    McCains cancels appearance at fundraiser:,3566,197579,00.html Rosemary Jenks, James Edwards
    Jenks is the in-house lobbyist for the group. She said that while NumbersUSA originally was involved in the impact of immigration on the labor market, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, “made it clear we also need to look at security.” Edwards, who is with Olive, Edwards & Brinkman, also said that immigration is currently seen “through the lens of security.” A legislative director for former Rep. Ed Bryant (R-Tenn.), Edwards worked on immigration issues when lawmakers passed immigration reform in the 104th Congress. At the time, Bryant was a member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Immigration, Border Security and Claims Subcommittee. Edwards also co-wrote The Congressional Politics of Immigration Reform, published in 1998.

    Agricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR): Monte Lake, Craig Regelbrugge, Sharon Hughes
    This ad hoc coalition includes more than 100 organizations with a “substantial labor need,” said co-chairman Regelbrugge, who is also the senior director of government relations for the American Nursery & Landscape Association. The group wants to ensure that agriculture employers have access to a seasonal work force to make certain the country has a “safe and secure food supply.” While individual members of the coalition pitch in, ACIR is also relying on some outside help. Lake is a partner with McGuiness Norris & Williams. The former deputy attorney general of California said that before the 2001 terrorist attacks, the group was close to achieving its goal of helping to reform immigration in a way that allowed access to seasonal workers while instituting a system of “earned immigration.” Hughes is the executive vice president of the National Council of Agricultural Employers and a key component in coordinating ACIR’s grassroots campaign.

    United to Secure America: William Crosby, Wright Andrews
    In the first half of this year, the group spent more than $600,000 in lobbying fees, including $180,000 each to Butera & Andrews, Podesta Mattoon and Timothy R Rupli & Associates. The group advocates boosting national security through allowing what it calls a “manageable number” of immigrants and non-immigrant visitors. One source praised the access of Crosby, a former GOP chief counsel on the House Rules Committee and 27-year Hill veteran who now works for the Livingston Group, as especially valuable.

    American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA): Judith Golub, Marshall Fitz
    Golub is the senior director of advocacy and public affairs for the 9,000-member group and Fitz is the associate director. AILA aims to educate Congress and the public about the benefits of an immigration policy that allows refugees and workers to enter the country.

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  • GC08
    02-04 05:02 PM
    I don't think Americans are that short sighted or narrow minded to want to steal your social security money. I know, i read a lot of press releases on how their social security is in a mess. They will fix it. I have no doubt about it.
    Who thought India would be in such a limelight and then go on to be economic power before year 2000?
    In a short span of 6-7 years the whole world changed. Coming to social security, by the time you will be in need of Social security, it will be decades and that is lot of time for a change. Who knows, we may be even taking a flight to Mars or worse 'nuked'.

    Just be positive and drink a high gravity beer.

    How do you know that they are not? Look at all the deficits, the American government is going to bankcrupcy if nothing is done. I recently read some article talking about American professors/researchers went to other places, like Austalia, for jobs because their research funding was cut.

    Americans are very "near-sighted", to some extent. For issues like legal immigrants, they do not need to be far-sighted and worst, to think about you cause you are just one of the persons in the labor pool for American companies to use. Sometime ago, I heard on NPR talking about those Mexican migrant workers. Basically, Americans brought them to America during the time of labor shortage and kicked them out like trash during tough times.

    That's always the case.. You are here for Americans to use ... wether you are farmers or professionals. My supervisors once even said that new comers had always been at the bottom of America.

    Being positive is one thing, being realistic is another. :cool:

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  • aj_jadeja
    09-13 11:26 PM
    now days there is a SEPRATE quota for RETURNING WORKERS in Us consulte for renewing stamp. I used it 6 months ago. I Went to VFS on 23rd Nov 2005 and got appt for 30th Nov for stamping @ mumbai consultate. Got stamped and collected passport same evening in person.

    hope this helps .

    07-17 11:09 PM

    Thanks for the link. My lawyer didn't explain clearly why he filed in Texas. This document says even though direct filing is effective July 30th you can still file to the appropriate service center. I reside in GA and so TSC is the right one. Thanks again.

    09-23 06:29 AM
    Well instead of going back after H1 expires, the people can chose to be illegals. Then their Kids will get GC under the DREAM ACT.:D
    though hilariously said, you have a point indeed.

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