Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • amsgc
    04-04 02:29 PM
    BTW, what does OP stand for?

    OP: Original Poster

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  • go_guy123
    07-26 02:52 PM
    No idea what to say, yes they have all rights but doesn't this never ends?

    Or Are these cases rare ?

    Some one entered into US legally in 2001, slogged(ing) 8 or more years for 2009..then 5 more years for citizen ship so 2014....with this news it looks like they need to keep up the paper work and employer contacts for 12 years, as well the family need to realize that their stay in US is temporary ???

    Oh my god too much of reality.

    This the very reason why one should file for citizenship after 5 years of GC. GC is yet another type of visa which one can lose. De-naturalization process is harder and more cumbersome.

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  • reddymjm
    05-01 10:01 AM
    I had applied for labour in 2001 and also applied for i 140 and i 485 in 2002 .My h1 had exausted 7 years and since my i 94 was becoming in valid i was suggested by my lawyer to either stay here in usa without job and wait till i get the reciept notice and ead from uscis .Since financially my situation was very tight with a baby on the way .i decided to leave for india .Now i am here again since last 4 years .When i was in india i asked my lawyer if we can do any thing like counsalar processing etc (here in this case i had paid huge amount to the lawyer,i was paying for my gc process ).the lawyer told me that nothing can be done as he has withdrawn the i 140 .
    Now after 2 years i came (or had to come back) to usa .my new employer started the ggc process this year .Since i needed full information of my previous process to complete the forms i contacted old lawyer .he send me the papers and i was so shocked to see that they did not withdraw any thing my i 140 was approved 4 months after i left and my fingerprinting is due since 2002 .I just wish my lawyer had told me the truth .we could have cp or come back .
    it took a day for me to overcome the frustration of what had happened .
    and now my major concern is 1.that with one case pending ,i dont know how it is going to effect the new case there any thing i can do to reopen my old case .

    Take a paid consultation with if you can ask for Murthy only.
    Good Luck.

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  • kish006
    12-23 04:40 PM
    To my surprise, we just received both EAD & AP with corrected information. The mail room person did put in a folder and sent it overnight DHL. Sweet!

    I too got my EAD and AP with incorrect pictures. I thought I got my AP and book the ticket on Jan 16.

    I dont what to do now. Please help what to do.
    I f I apply now i will get my AP in time before I leave to India.
    What need to do now.

    Thanks in advance


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  • aillarramendi
    10-01 12:22 PM
    Is the PD for AOS same than Consular Processing??

    I'm asking because is supposed that they assign visas per country or not assign but is a limit of maximum 7% (I believe) of the visas per country.

    So, if a person in EB3 with PD of July 2005 ROW (Rest of the World) applied for AOS in June 2007 and the USCIS approved the Green Card, why is that?

    The PD is not current for EB3 ROW so, why the approved?

    Is because the unused visas of the country was not completely used for consular processing and then the USCIS is using those visas for the same country but for AOS?

    I don't understand why applications that are not current are getting GC approvals?


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  • ahaadi
    01-08 01:46 PM
    You can get the passport the same day using tatkaal service but you need to spend the whole day in consulate or you can get it in 3 days.

    I got it from NY consulate. Also tatkaal service charges 140 bucks and regular one is 40 bucks.

    I got it in a week, I got it from SF Consulate.


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  • freedom_fighter
    06-24 09:44 PM
    what is ur priority date, EB2/EB3 and how much time for u to reply the RFE?

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  • ivgclive
    07-25 10:00 AM
    Wait a minute....

    So, it does not matter whether you have GC or not,

    Dealing with USCIS and paying lawyers are part of rest of your life....


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  • arsh007
    12-21 08:58 AM
    Please let me know if Missouri members can participate on this conference. I am not aware if we have any local IV chapter in Missouri. Looking forward to your response.

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  • kumarc123
    11-06 03:44 PM
    Thanks for your comment,


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  • ivar
    02-03 07:15 PM
    Congrats ivar! Good luck and God bless.

    Thanks, Sunny1000, Leo07,feblc2002,whiteStallion.

    feblc2002, I missed July 07 fiasco so i had file I-485 in September 2010. Got approval notice (email alert) on 01/27 and cards yesterday.

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  • ngopikrishnan
    08-22 07:20 PM
    I heard Finnan, Fleischut & Associates is very good.


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  • trance
    07-19 09:38 PM
    Hi There,

    I work in Company A, and Company A filed my GC April 2008 under EB2 Category.

    Priority Date: April 2008

    I-140: Approved

    I-485- To be Filed

    I also have a Masters Degree in the US.

    I received an offer from Company B (Top consulting Firm) and they are willing to process my GC but in EB3 Category.

    My Current H1 will expire in May 2012.

    My wife is in the health care profession and currently a student in school and should get a a job next year. She is on a F1 currently and she should apply for a H1 next year. I am assuming that she can file for a GC in the EB2 category.

    1. Does it make sense to take up the offer or just wait for my I -485 date to become current. If i do not take up the offer, then i would lose out from a career growth perspective.

    2. If i take up the offer and apply in the EB 3 category, hoping that my wife�s GC would be filed in EB2, can i apply I -485 with her.

    3. Finally, does it make any sense to apply in EB3?

    Your advice would be appreciated...



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  • chessboard
    12-08 03:14 AM
    congratulation to all winner... especially to winner who use the "stargate" background and put the text only...

    nice contest.....


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  • pitha
    07-08 03:11 PM
    I was one of the people who bashed Oh when he "sympathizes" with USCIS workers, I could not figure out what he was thinking sympathizing with USCIS workers.

    In this case he is helping publicize the flower campaign. Why are you guys bashing him instead of thanking him? IV core has clearly stated the flower campaign and some other initiatives are member initiatives and not IV initiatives so I can understand why Mathew Oh might have left out IV. Let�s not make an enemy out of a friend who is trying to help us in this particular situation.

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  • immigrant2007
    06-16 11:30 PM
    Hi- When I started off with the green card process, I had not idea about what most of the things meant. I joined a very reputable Fortune 500 company in 2006 (the same year I came to the US on a H1B), and started my GC process in 2007. The company offered me an pre-approved labor with a 2006 PD, which had a matching requirement w.r.t job description and salary.
    During July 2007, i filed for my I-140 and I-485. Subsequently, my I-140 got approved without any issues. Now, given that my priority date is close to being current (2/14/2006), I'm afraid if using a pre-approved labor will have any role to play with my I-485 approval.

    And no, I'm not working for a consultant. And I have been with the same employer since 2006.

    Please don't start off with the jumping the queue argument. When I used the labor substitution, it was perfectly legal, and didn't even know what a priority date is :-)

    you will be fine dear friend. you will be able to use your 2005 PD.
    how;s miami?


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  • paskal
    12-19 04:55 PM
    midwest folks- where are you
    please post your availability
    the more the merrier....

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  • ilikekilo
    04-23 09:51 AM
    I am glad, member's comments helped you. All said and done. What is the right thing to do now? Expose "this company" as you call them..
    Why don't you post the name of company as you already posted the state and city they operate from, and name of the person with whom you have been going back and forth as you said in your post? That will help everybody including the authorities to take them to task if they are doing anything illegal..

    I do understand your good intentions but I strongly feel that this should be taken offline off the forum for the sake of everyone and please do not prolong this, hope you get the point...thanks..

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  • rvanet
    06-05 05:10 AM
    Soul... That's TERRIBLE!!! golgi... yours is very annoying! :ninja:

    01-10 10:59 PM

    wanted to know, what happens to employees of Vision Systems Group and its sister company's employees immigration status. as every one know VSGINC has allegations from USCIS on immigration fraud and H-1B.

    Employees like me no where related to there fraud. how USCIS reacts on employees pending 485?. Most of the employees are moved out using AC21.

    02-10 10:14 AM
    US experience won't count much unless you are from fortune 500 company. These days anyone even with Aptech certificate can get a chance to come and work in USA on L visa for short assignments. So if your experience is in a desi consulting firm, I do not think your resume will be attractive.

    The figures shown are all looking good for experienced people in good companies. But it is not easy to get jobs as senior people in top companies. Also remember you have to work much more than you work here. You also have to work on Saturdays in a lot of companies. If your clients are in USA you may also need work in the night too to interact with your people in USA. Also remember in small companies you rarely get to do cutting edge world class work or new idea or planning. You will hardly learn or get special trainings.

    Grass is always green on the other side
    I was reading this thread and found something that I haven't found here also. In US also I haven't found any companies give much exposure to consultants for world class work or new idea or planning. I also haven't found any companies that provide special training to the consultants.
    Fortune 500 companies may be an exception though from the above.
    What I feel is it all depends on the individual how much of exposure one can get regardless where s/he is working. Technology is seamless and it is available from anywhere.

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