Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • fcres
    12-10 03:04 PM
    My Labor approval uses something that starts with 030-16-**** but there is nothing in SOC with 16 are they changed recently? any clue?

    Thats the old D.O.T code. You need to find the corresponding SOC Code.

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  • Raji
    09-16 10:20 PM

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  • psk79
    10-15 01:33 PM
    Now my last option is to apply for AP for my wife while she is in India.
    Can I apply for AP when she is in India?

    I don't think so. While the form allows for someone to apply for anyone outside US, but I think that's only for emergency/temporary travel due to their inability to attend a visa interview.

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  • H1Girl
    10-13 03:05 PM
    But never a tie.

    Wrong... who said Tie is Not OK? Some officers wear Tie...


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  • KanME
    10-26 10:10 PM
    Are you from Mass?

    Join us for a state chapter meet on Oct 28th...Burlington Mall 3:00PM...

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  • smartboy75
    07-09 12:14 PM
    is'nt an Advanced parol document a re-entry permit ???


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  • bluez25
    07-15 03:52 PM
    I got my PCC in San Francisco Indian Consulate last year assuming that I might get the appointment. but never happened until now. I am not sure that is still valid PCC. I might have to go to India and then apply for a new one from the local police station.

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  • Rb_newsletter
    04-29 07:59 PM
    This is another fake story and push to try to get Congress to do something about easing immigration. 150K entrepreneurs have returned home. Really? I have not seen more than 100 Indian+Chinese NEW companies - worth their name - come up in the last at least 10 years. And about 5000 US firms that are making waves have come up in the US, 90% of which are started by born-Americans.
    Moral: those that returned home were not entrepreneurs!

    "Entrepreneurs" doesn't mean to start a new company. they can just start a new business unit inside a big corporate. For example the google-maps is a new venture inside google. The guy who initiated the google-map idea is an entrepreneur.

    Sometime 2 or 3 people join together and venture into one thing.

    And there is a saying "95% of the businesses fail". So one cannot see all the companies started.


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  • dummgelauft
    04-20 10:52 AM
    In the absence of a date, it is 6 moths from admitted date, by default. You may confirm this by calling USCIS.

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  • asanghi
    10-15 11:51 AM
    What are you saying? Health Services dismal? I thought it was better than US in many aspects. The cost is cheap for treatment (unless you have some uncommon disease. Since the system is churning up so many doctors, there is a lot of competition. Even in small villages you will find many doctors competing for patients. Maybe that is not true for everywhere, but that is what I have seen in my home state Haryana.

    Also the education system may not be perfect, but kids don't have to go to private schools, because public schools have run out of capacity. There are problems like not all-around development, and not all kids doing great in studies. But that is true even in US, unless you are sending your kids to a fine private school (which by the way you can do in India, if you have money). JMHO

    US has been in number 1 in the past, moved to 2nd spot for a couple of years, in the world competitiveness rankings. For the first time, the US moved to the 6th Spot in the world rankings by the world economic forum (Europe based Institution). The main reason was because of the huge current account deficit and negative savings (mainly federal deficit) which is a threat to the US competitiveness. China moved down due to corruption etc. India moved up but any further movement will depend on structural reforms, especially controlling the huge public service and red-tape and a creaking infrastructure - power, roads, ports, water supply - all of which are run by the government. The health services in large parts of India is dismal and so is the public education system (K-12). With the left firmly controlling the ruling party, deregulation is slow and insipid, and it is the private sector which is basically contributing to the GDP and Competitiveness. Here is the link to the actual rankings for 2006-2007

    The reasons for the rankings are given here


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  • psam
    08-26 04:17 PM
    Hello all,

    It appears that my green card is lost in mail.
    My spouse received her 10 days back. Our 485 was approved on same day, so I think mine must be lost.

    I will wait for another couple of days for it to appear. Meanwhile I had few questions
    1. What is the process to getting a duplicate?
    2. If I just get GC stamped on my passport, will I be able to transit from Paris or London airport?

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  • hello
    11-29 02:50 PM
    I did not ask a lawyer.I saw this post and just asked the question.Thank You.


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  • Hermione
    09-27 10:07 AM
    The article says: "After all, if the legal process was more efficient and less daunting, perhaps the illegal immigration problems wouldn't be quite so bad."

    I say, it is not perhaps, it is a given. When there is a legal remedy for any issue (not just immigration), then 9 out of 10 people would not go the illegal way.

    This is very much correct. And it is also the reason to position fixing immigration system as a remedy for both legal and illegal immigration. If you propose a help for legal immigrants, lawmakers are not going to listen to you as much as if you proposed something that fixes both legal immigration and encourages less illegal immigration in the future. It is that simple.

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  • somegchuh
    11-16 01:13 PM

    My understanding was that automatic revalidation was stopped a few years ago?

    I would say that getting an appointment and a new visa stamp is the safest bet. If that's not a possibility and you have to go, I will suggest travel by road instead of air. From what I have heard they tend to be more lenient when you are driving across.

    Do check thoroughly before travelling on an expired visa.

    Take Care

    Power of internet, thanks for all the input.

    That is right my previous I-94 has expired and I should get the latest I-94 as part of new I-797. My US multiple visa expired last August.

    My question is thoroughly answered that I could use the "Automatic revalidation rule" to come back into US using my I-94 and I-797.

    One more question to the folks who became Canadian PRs. When I exit out
    of US can they force me to give up I-94 as I am landing as Canadian PR. In others words,
    can they override "Automatic revalidation rule" in this case.
    Part of me says they are two different teams one working for US to track I-94
    and the other looking for Canadian PR so they can never rationalize this. If they talk then that could be an issue. Isn't that right?


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  • saro28
    11-02 09:19 AM
    Now my Lawyer is advising me to include the old fees and a new application with a letter stating motion to refile seeking correction. He is insisting on us to send the fees ($350) again. Any suggestions? Can I send it directly to INS?

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  • moonlight
    06-20 12:54 PM
    Better check with your lawyer. Becuase when you apply for 485 and get approved your wife's H4 status becomes illegal. So don't know exactly about H1 or H4 on advanced parole. Lawyer is the best person for your case.


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  • ilikekilo
    04-19 06:11 PM
    When you go for a loan against the credit card balance, there are two types.

    1> 0% to 1.99% short term loan with 3% transfer fee.
    2> 4.99% to 5.99% LIFE time loan with 3% transfer fee.

    The key thing for both the loan is...

    1> Never EVER use the credit card that you used to get the loan UNTIL you repay the loan completely..
    2> When you go for the loan, ensure the balance on your card is zero. If you have a balance, ask them to pay off the balance from the loan amount and send the reminder.
    3> Always pay on time at least the minimum balance. Never miss a payment. Ensure this credit card doesn't have universal default clause, meaning, if you are late on any other credit card then you are considered as late on this card.

    If all the above three points are acceptable, I suggest CC loans. Otherwise, look for other options.


    Right, also I believe #3 you mentioned is taken care of by the new law done b y Bama...I dont think so creditors can do that anymore..

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  • ravi98
    06-18 10:00 AM
    Well, I understand that. But, when the stars line up finally, I don't want to see my application having problems because I used a pre-approved labor.

    it would be encouraging to hear from folks who got their GC and used pre-approved labor. Years and years of wait should yield something, and just not plain disappointment.

    Not sure if there is anything you can do about it currently. Your lawyer may be your best bet to know obstacles may come your way - if they do.

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  • kpchal2
    03-03 11:06 AM
    thanks for the response. can you please post the result of the transfer

    also any one in the forum who had experience with the ac21 transfer +ve or negative can you please advise about your experiences. it is really a stressful situation with every thing being this way.

    11-30 01:42 PM
    Thanks to everyone who responded.
    Appreciate your advice.

    07-06 06:37 PM
    I changed my job recently , didn't talk about anything immigration, ead anything. Even when I asked , I told them "That will not be an issue, and nothing is required by the company to do for me". At the time of joining I gave my EAD and SSN. Thats it HR lady didn't ask anything just took the Photocopy of it and kept in the file.

    I did not file AC-21 as well , though as part of the joining process without asking I as given the appointment letter, role and jobdesctription , which I can use as EVL. I think this is standard process which every company follows. So flow in the process and there should not be any issues. Also after making the offer the company cannot deny the offer because of EAD thats, the law. So wait and speak wisely till you get the offer letter.

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