Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • gc_on_demand
    01-19 08:47 PM
    Democrats seem to be loosing senate seat in MA. Message is clear - in this great recession, people don't want more taxes especially when they are happy with their current healthcare policies and their healthcare coverage don't change a dime for those extra taxes. Especially, when MA people are already paying for state universal healthcare. Why should WE pay for THEM?

    Probably, this means healthcare reform is dead or congress embraces more conservative bill passed by senate. End of road for more tax burdensome things like cap-n-trade, climate change bill or controversial bills like immigration reform unless some less-conservative republicans are on board. If it is ever considered, be ready for more durbin-grassley measures in the final bill. Fate of the bill depends on what matters for elections in 2010, probably more populist measures like tax cuts, another stimulus, job growth measures will be focussed for rest of the year..

    None of us here has little luck... We were close to CIR this year and now new math is in picture.. Two possibility for CIR in 2010...

    (1) Dems will not touch it.
    (2) GOP will not support it because people will think Dems passed it and that will help them to win midterm election.

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  • diptam
    02-10 10:25 PM
    Keeping H status for the Primary applicant (H1B) may sometime act as 'failover pair' ... But in these days of Highend Retrogression (specially if you are from India/China/Mexico) getting a GC would take 7-10 years - does it makes sense staying in H1 even for the Primary ??? .... I mean personally i've lived ( read 'did slavery') in US for sponsoring employees in H1 for 8 years and i wish to keep H1 as 'failover pair' but doing another 2nd term of slavery of 8 years till GC approval/denial comes - that makes no sense at all. Its a 'No-Brainer' ....

    Moreover the depends - peoples who are new in this country 2-3 years and got EAD due to July Fiasco they can still continue H1 game but folks who already lived 6-7 years on H1B they can easily go to market and play... Advantage :- One advantage of EAD is that if you lose your Job there is nothing called "revoke EAD" like "revoke H1B" so you can sit Jobless and sleep over for entire 8 years if you want and able to do :) :)

    I agree, you should stay on an H1b as much as you possibly can. The H1b is already approved and you can transfer an existing H1b to a new employer (don't have to get a new H1b). But if you invoke the EAD status, you will forever lose your H1b. If anything goes wrong with your pending I-485 and you are still on an H1b, you still have time to appeal and to work through the issues. But if you are on the EAD at this time, then thats it, you have no time left because your EAD is issued to you as conditional approval of your pending I-485. You need to weigh the risks and benefits in taking a job with an employer who will not sponsor you on an H1b.

    Best of Luck

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  • rahulpaper
    11-12 03:39 PM
    How long did it take from RFE response to approval?
    Thanks in advance

    Luckily I had all but the 1st one when I entered in US. Please see the format letter below [please note that I am copying the format from a word doc & may not display correctly

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    In response to your letter requesting evidence for FORM I-131. Please find below mentioned details.

    a. Copies of all I-94 issued- I do not have copy of I-94 that was issued to me on <>Date (my first arrival in US on H1). The original I-94 was returned to airline official at the time of boarding the flight.

    The following entries are in TAB format
    Date of Entry mm/DD/yyyy
    Date of Exit mm/DD/yyyy
    I-94 # NA
    Copy Avail? N
    Remarks Original I-94 was handed over to airlines staff at the time of boarding [Departed by flight xxx ]. To support my claim, please see attached passport copy that shows arrival record in India on <xxx> [pages 3-4]

    b. Approval notices for extensions or change of Status- My original H1 [XXXX] expired on [XXX]. An H1 renewal notice was filed on [XXXX] and was approved on [XXX] [WAC-XXX]. I am attaching copies of both the approval notices.

    c. Any other Evidence of your lawful immigrations status: I am attaching a copy of approved I-140 [SRC-XXX] and a copy of I-485 filing receipt [WAC-XXXX]

    d. Evidence of relationship: I am attaching the following documents
    1. Copy of my birth certificate
    2. Copy of my marriage certificate

    Thanks & Regards,

    <Your Name>
    1. Passport copy pages displaying the visa issued ,date of entries to US on H1 and displaying the date of arrival in India [6 pages]
    2. Copies of H1 approval & extension approval notice [2 pages]
    3. Copies of I-94�s issued [5 pages]
    4. Copy of I-140 approval [1 pages]
    5. Copy of I-485 filing receipt [1 pages]
    6. Copy of birth certificate [1 page]
    7. Copy of marriage certificate [1 page]

    Hope this helps

    QUOTE=MYGCBY2010;193771]How did you respond to your RFE?.. Did you have copies of all of your I -94 ?.. Please let me know...[/QUOTE]

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  • eb3retro
    06-17 04:33 PM
    u r right, green for you...

    Let's say there is a problem. What can you do to fix it? You want to start GC fresh?
    Relax... I have seen many people who bought PDs from consultants paying 10k and got GCs too. Don't worry. If you post these kind of threads, it make people waiting for years more frustrating. Be happy for your luck. Go chill. Don't keep saying you are afraid and all.


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  • jkays94
    05-04 02:17 PM
    Here are the relevant parts of the transcript ( :

    COOPER: Rising gas prices aren't the only thing causing heartburn this election year. Immigration reform is close behind. The battle at the border has spread into the heartland and across the country. Some politicians already paying the price. Ahead, we'll get a reality check from the best political team around.

    Plus, a brazen break in the border. They've actually poured concrete here and they've formed steps which makes it easier for whoever was bringing drugs into the United States, actually climb up through the tunnel.

    Tunnel built by drug runners. We showed it to you back in January. Now there's a new development in the story. What's going to happen to the tunnel? We'll bring you the latest next on 360.


    COOPER: Those pictures, of course, from Monday's massive immigration demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and their supporters in the streets. They wanted to show their economic power. They hoped that would translate into political power. But now some critics are saying it's actually had the opposite effect, creating a backlash. And in at least one city so far the issue has already cost a Mayor his job. Here's CNN's Candy Crowley.


    CANDY CROWLEY, SENIOR POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: This is where day laborers, mostly immigrants, legal and not, hang out looking for work in Herndon, Virginia. It may not look like an election issue, but last night, voters threw out their mayor and two city council members who pushed for the day labor center. This is the new mayor.

    STEVE DEBENEDITTIS, HERNDON VIRGINIA MAYOR-ELECT: Welcome immigrants, but they have concerns, valid concerns, about illegal immigration.

    CROWLEY: Fewer than 3,000 people voted in Herndon. Just about 24 hours after the nation watched hundreds of thousands of immigrants, legal and not, demonstrate across the country.

    FRANK SHARRY, EXEC. DIR., NATIONAL IMMIGRATION FORUM: I've never known a politician who wasn't attracted to a large crowd. And these have been some pretty large crowds.

    CROWLEY: True enough, it was evidence that the immigrant community can galvanize itself. The question is, to what end? Congress is reading the tea leaves.

    SEN. HARRY REID, (D) MINORITY LEADER: I personally believe very, very fervently that they have helped, helped picture this issue in the minds of the American people in a positive fashion.

    CROWLEY: Tea leaf reading is not an exact science, particularly in an election year where frankly democrats would be better off if the republican-led congress did nothing.

    SHARRY: I think the congress is going to have a lot of explaining to do if they don't end this session with a good comprehensive bill.

    CROWLEY: Republicans desperate for something to tout as accomplishment, anxious not to alienate core conservative voters, are afraid the demonstrations harden conservative opposition to anything that smacks of a break for illegals. SEN. MEL MARTINEZ, (R) FLORIDA: I believe at the end of the day we'll see that it really had a negative effect and it backfired on those of us who are trying to move forward something that is comprehensive but yet in middle course.

    CROWLEY: Senator Mel Martinez of Florida says since Monday's demonstrations calls to his office have run 10 to 1 against his bill providing tougher border security and a pathway to citizenship after hurdles are jumped.

    JOHN FUNU, WALL STREET JOURNAL: The boycott has so heated up the measure that we're not going to have any bill this year. It's simply poisoned the well.

    CROWLEY: As Washington lawmakers struggle with the political weight of all those demonstrations --

    SEN. JOHN CORNYN, (R) TEXAS: It wasn't clear exactly what the message was. And I think in some ways it tended to polarize people.

    CROWLEY: Herndon, Virginia, is already discussing changes to ensure the day labor center cannot be used by illegals. The problem with tea leaves is, you never know which ones to read. Candy Crowley, CNN, Washington.


    COOPER: Well, earlier I spoke with Candy Crowley along with John Roberts and John King, part of the best political team on television.


    COOPER: John Roberts, what are the prospects for getting immigration reform this year?

    JOHN ROBERTS, SR. NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: That would depend on who you talk to. Some republicans who want to put a good spin on this say that it's possible that they can get it done. It might even be possible that they could get it done by the August recess. Other people including the White House are much more pessimistic about it saying they don't expect anything to happen until after the November election.

    COOPER: Candy, I mean could these demonstrations really have backfired and derailed a compromised deal, even among those who support some sort of reform?

    CROWLEY: Absolutely. I mean, the problem really is, first of all, the politics are that the democrats would rather have the issue at this point because it's an election year than a bill. The republicans would like a bill because it will be an accomplishment, but they have problems with their conservative core. And the people we talked to said listen, the demonstrations backfired. It left -- people looked and said well they're not working, and they're out demonstrating. You know, fair or not, the conservative core sort of toughened up. It seemed to have hardened both sides of this debate. COOPER: John King, a lot of talk, too about all the Mexican flags out in the street. Obviously there were a lot of American flags where organizers really tried to get American flags out there. But that certainly angers a lot of people. What are you hearing from the people you talked to in Washington?

    JOHN KING, CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, that tactic, as Candy just noted, there is a backfiring from these demonstrations. And that tactic in particular has emboldened conservatives. Remember the key question here is, if they can get a bill through the senate, can they then get the house to embrace a more liberal immigration policy? The house members, most are from safe conservative districts. And back home in their districts they didn't feel all that much pressure to begin with. And what they are saying now is that this sends an anti-American signal.
    If these people want legal status in the United States, they should be holding American flags, they should be demonstrating for rights in the United States not celebrating Mexico or El Salvador. So to that degree, while the masses in the streets certainly showed the emerging political power and potential political power of the Latino vote, that symbol has helped the opponents of this measure especially in the house. It has simply stiffened the resolve of conservatives who say no to any new broad immigration reform.

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  • desi3933
    08-26 02:32 PM
    She can work for any company she wants... her EAD is not limited to any job/profession... So she can work for Company B or C or D

    PS - My wife works for company B using AP/EAD that came as a result of my I485 done by my employer. So she should enter on AP and use EAD to work. No issues. She can always have the H1 in her back pocket for back up... I would consult a lawyer if I were you before using the H1...

    She can not get an H4 though... thats seen as abandoning your AOS status...

    Hope this helps...

    >> She can not get an H4 though... thats seen as abandoning your AOS status...

    Totally Incorrect.

    Not a legal advise.


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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 09:50 AM
    I think, it makes more sense for us to strive for 'I-485 filing without PD being current' and 'removal of hard country quota' issues rather than striving for the 'self GC application'..

    Let us focus on issues which is an extension of the current framework for legal immigration. I do not think it will be in our interest to compare our provisions with the ones of undocumented workers.

    Just my opinion!!!; IV core team can best decide on the approach. Is there any updates on our attempts to ammend for the 'I-485 filing clause' and the 'removal of hard country quota' clause?

    Yes if you are able to prove your illegal stay here and willing to wait for 6 years before applying for your GC, then you can do go this route. Also remember, it is possible that as of now there is no specific category under which these undocumented people can file their GCs. It is possible that you might have to wait another god know how many years before you actually get it.

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  • gsc999
    02-14 12:17 AM
    IV' ans of Southern California,

    We need your help in making the Admin Fixes Campaign Successful. We are organizing a Southern California IV Meetup and Letter Signing Event this Weekend. We are targeting to get a 1000 letters signed and sent to the White House from our group. We need volunteers to print letter templates, get envelopes/stamps and most importantly bring family, friends and colleagues to this event.

    I volunteer. I will be in Los Angeles this Sunday. See you there.




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  • chanduv23
    07-11 02:42 PM
    My EAD and AP application was received June 19, 2009 at TSC. To my pleasant shocking & surprise USCIS approved mine and wife's application in 20 days and we received the card today.

    We are happy with the speed and efficiency USCIS and wish they could do everything the same way. we received two year EAD but concerned as receiving a two year EAD indicates that it may take a while to get my PD (Dec 2005).


    My EAD and AP were receipted on June 9th from TSC. AP got approved, EAD still pending. So I guess these approvals are random.

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  • black_logs
    04-12 04:09 PM
    Labor substitution is bad for those who can't find one and good for those who found one. I didn't find one so it's bad for me. But 1 thing the DOL came up with the substitution rule is that 45 days labor expiry rule. Just can't believe the administration can harrass people to that level. When labor substitution is in place what's the point of this 45 days rule ???


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  • 53885
    05-12 03:35 AM
    Sent 300 emails from AILA's website.

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  • felix31
    04-18 11:42 AM
    I received a receipt confirmation for my I-140 petition. It shows that they received on March 24, 2006. I tried to check on the status on USCIS website in case status. I could not find my case so far. Does it take so long to be updated. I am worried if my petition is misplaced somewhere...
    Please give me your advice.


    I am sorry to hear that. But this is absolutely new to me. As soon as we got the receipt number we were able to check online status ....

    have you punched in all the letters and numbers correctly? Pay attention to that, because if you mistake one number you will not get accurate result..

    If the number you are typing is correct than something must be wrong on their side and you can call 800 number to inquire via attomated system about your case...
    hope this helps


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  • deba
    09-09 10:28 PM
    Nothing surprising here. I have yet to hear about one desi employer who has not exploited H1b. The system is set up to favor the employer. Employees hardly have a choice. Those in favor of increasing the quota should also lobby for complete portability without any penalty to keep the system fair.

    Contrib $600 so far + $300 for rally
    EB2 India PD 03/05
    I140 09/07
    I485 07/07

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  • felix31
    04-18 03:20 PM
    I hope I interpret this correctly.

    Only cases filed after April 1st will be going into Nebraska-texas centers for processing.
    Which means, earlier cases that are already filed will be processed where they were filed...

    I have no clue how they decide which case will stay in nebraska and which will be transfered to texas.

    In my case, I-140 was sent to Nebraska on April 6th and when I received receipt notice 10 days later; first three letters showed that the case has been transfered to Texas, hence texas issued receipt number...and they will be processing the case..

    Since you filed in vermont - you are fine, you will get it processed from vermont. If you filed concurrently with I-485 then that application too will be processed in vermont.
    The new rule and transfer of cases applies to cases applied on or after April 1st 2006


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  • vinzak
    01-07 12:10 PM
    waitingwaiting, may you could change the subject of this thread to something like "Bill to move DV numbers to EB!!!". It'll probably get more attention.

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  • daishwarya
    07-20 03:03 PM
    @Sanjay, sent you a private message. Please check.


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  • nixstor
    02-24 07:20 PM
    Visa stamping is not necessary to remain in the US so wondering why a CPA would consider this a necessary work expense.

    Thats correct.

    Every one can interpret them to their own way and can decide whether its deductible or not. Any thing related to business expenses, if IRS were to question the tax payer, IRS will ask for written substantiation from the employer. Guess what happens! The same CPA who told all these rosy stories and got a decent percentage on your fattest return simply tells you to get that letter. With out all that documentation, I doubt they will fight the audit.

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  • Gravitation
    10-23 10:30 AM
    One common misconception is that there's a "quota" for each country. There's none.

    The number 2600 is actually the upper limit. It means that no one country should get more visa numbers than 2600.

    The total number of EB3 visa numbers for the whole world is 40,000. There's no entitlement here. There's no guarantee of all visa numbers being issued. There's no minimum number of visas that a specific country is sure to get...

    If there's a demand for more than 2600 for a specific country, it's said to be oversubscribed. If the total demand from all countries remains below 40,000, the remaining visa numbers may overflow to the oversubscribed countries.

    Once again, it's perfectly within the law to issue less than 40,000 visa numbers. It's a limit, not a quota.

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  • felix31
    04-18 11:26 AM
    vicks don,

    did you file with vermont before April 1st?

    my husband's I-140 case was initially sent to Nebraska (after april 1st batch) and it got transferred to Texas and we got Texas service center receipt notice.

    I guess you would send RFE to the center that issued the RFE. Wait for it to arrive....Also, you already have receipt notice, right? Look for the first three letters your receipt number starts with. If it is EAC, that your case is with vermont. If it is SRC, than your case is with Texas..
    hope this helps..

    Oh, and one extra detail, the online message from Texas says it takes 400+ days to process these applications. I am absolutely horrified by it..
    The web site says they are processing Jan 06 cases, but somehow that does not look real..

    06-21 02:33 AM
    Not sure why this is getting rejected...

    06-13 02:53 PM
    Ok, My PD is Oct 2001 .EB3 pending labo9r in dallas backlog center. 45 day letter received in Jan of this year. No more conresspondence so far. However my company filed PERM EB3 it got approved and now the I140 is approved as well. My PD is up for the old labor. Is there anyways, I can use PERM approved I140 and apply for 1485.


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