Sunday, June 5, 2011

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cody simpson pictures. Cody Simpson
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  • edesignuk
    Aug 6, 01:46 PM
    For an awful second I thought I was going to be e :DYou wish buddy, I know your game

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  • kirbyman100
    Mar 19, 10:27 PM
    Oh, thank you, but how do you get them?

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  • Applejuiced
    May 2, 10:39 PM

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  • Uhu
    May 5, 02:31 PM
    I chose the i7 because of the handbrake HD vid conversion. saves time. do I need it: no ;)


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  • shneady
    Apr 7, 03:24 PM
    Jeep Wrangler
    GMC Sierra
    Monster Energy Drink

    and more than anything, even more than Apple, I am a California, American Made brewery snob. Specifically with the IPA's. It's all about the IPA's and these California homegrown made and owned breweries

    Russian River
    Green Flash
    Sierra Nevada
    Bear Republic

    And I'm sure more to come...

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  • Mac Composer
    Jan 1, 10:27 AM
    My point was if the OP doesn't even know how many keys there are on a full size keyboard, then he's obviously new to this. He's looking for a mini keyboard according to his post. From a financial standpoint, I think he'd be wasting his money, spending extra for a pressure sensitive kybd.

    Once he begins working with in a DAW, he can edit his keyboard performance there. It's much easier to draw that type of midi data in a DAW's graphic interface, than it is to develop the keyboard chops needed to play it in.


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  • three
    Aug 19, 01:37 PM
    Congrats, i paid $40 for mine but have brought home at least 10 for free :D

    I recently brought 4 home and stripped them then sent them off again :o

    But i could not bring myself to throw the purple one out, it is too cool.

    P.S. i just realized i didn't strip them of the CD drives :mad:

    So you get them, strip them of the parts and sell them again?

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  • TheWart
    Jun 20, 08:16 PM
    I'm planning on coming. I didn't pre-order so I'll get there pretty early. I'm going to call the store this week and try to find out if they have an idea of the number of phones not already sold through pre-order.

    FWIW, I was walking by the store this weekend on the way to somewhere else so I popped in and I asked one of the workers if they were planning on having very many phones beyond the pre-order batch.

    He did say that they were planning on having "some" but that he wasn't sure how long that batch would last hehe.


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  • el greenerino
    Dec 20, 05:59 AM
    You could probably take what you need scanned to a service bereau, they'd probably do a better job than anything the average home user would. Just make sure they're reputable and use equipment that's better han what they use at walgreens :p

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  • scutts
    Apr 14, 10:58 PM
    Speck SeeThru Satin is made out of 2 materials (TPE and PC) and Incase snap is a PC case.

    PC=hard plastic.


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  • Mudbug
    Sep 2, 11:05 PM
    someone submitted a track off this album to DailyTunes a while back, and I refused to post it thinking it was a joke, like the person who submitted a track from the fart album. Agreed, it's different, but not in a good way. This album is a prime example of a middle-aged person living in mom's basement and collecting computer parts and recording equipment. Now he has an outlet for selling the 'songs' to fund his growing collection. :D

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  • Chrispy
    Sep 23, 04:32 PM
    Hey all,

    My friend who goes to IU called me up today for information on buying a mac. I explained to him that for what he wanted to do a 12" iBook would be more than enough power. He was really sold, however, when I let me in on the deal macmall is running right now.

    They have $50 off all iBook ($100 off powerbooks and powermacs)
    A Free 1GB stick of ram with $39.99 install charge
    A Free All-In-One Espon Printer
    And a Free Carrying case and sleeve

    After rebate he would only pay $990 :eek: He then got really pumped and said he is going to place his order in the next few day haha. My work here has been done... and this from the guy who has been burned many times by Apple ;)

    P.S. I just had my first very negative experience with Dell but that is for another time and another thread haha.


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  • ProfDrSilver
    Oct 20, 11:00 PM
    Okay... maybe it is because I'm new here.... is this a Mac only thing? I fold on W7 using CPU and GPU.... the max points that you get on your CPU = 1920 for 1 WU

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  • alfred1986
    Nov 16, 11:35 PM (

    I just wondered by clicking on the link "The Snow Report"...What you mean a gift in that link?

    It just showed the downloading URL to iTunes!!!!:confused:


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  • nateo200
    Feb 19, 07:26 PM
    Hey guys I was wondering if the OP is a troll?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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  • gotohamish
    Jul 14, 11:14 AM
    Originally posted by mactastic
    Is it impossible for someone to make a card that would replace the 'b' card in there currently with a 'g' card? Like is the connection to slow to make it worth doing? And what about combining that with a bluetooth connection too? I'd love to be able to put those in my laptop, and still have the pcmcia card slot still available for photo transfers.

    That's an interesting thought. It appears to me that the Airport Card is a regular PCMCIA card, but without the head which in third-party cards has the aerial in. Hence the need to plug the aerial in to it when installed IN a Mac.

    So couldn't you buy a regualr PCMCIA 'g' card, take the had off it and install it in the Airport slot?

    To try and answer my own question - In theory yes, but I'm sure if it was that simple Apple would have done it. On the other hand, it does make it more of a perk to upgrading your Mac, which is ultimately what Apple want.


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  • ademuth93
    Mar 24, 05:14 PM
    So my school's robotics team was rummaging through a closet of stuff that was to be thrown out, and we found an Apple IIe.

    I have a couple questions:

    The operating system is in the ROM, right? No need for a floppy OS or something?

    Does the computer need a mouse? In my reading, it seems like it doesn't.

    It only had two cards inside: the 5.25 floppy card and what I think was the RAM. Does it need anything else to operate (i.e. a video card)?

    Lastly, are there any things I didn't think of that I should know??
    Any sweet games for it on eBay?


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  • Peter.Howard
    Nov 13, 09:13 PM
    The other thing that comes to mind is if you have a boot floppy you can stick that in and boot it from that, rather than the internal HD

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  • applekid
    Mar 31, 08:56 PM
    Pokemon still going strong? :confused:

    After playing Sapphire/Ruby, it feels the game is too simple. Much hasn't changed. It was acceptable for Red/Blue and Gold/Silver since they were GB/GBC games. But, with the GBA I wish they did more. Particularly the animations. And with Diamond/Pearl, I wish they would do even more.

    I'll probably get both. One for me, and one for my sister. This game might be worth exchanging friend codes for.

    Sep 21, 06:49 AM
    My question for discussion would be: 1) would you consider buying a used LCD monitor off of ebay?
    ...No! No warranty, no guarantee of condition.

    Jun 28, 11:21 PM
    Hi all. I seem to be having a few problems with my powermac. Its a 1ghz with 1g of ram and the comp is about 4 months old.

    Heres my problems...

    iTunes: Whenever I use the visualizer it studders every 6 or so seconds. It never did this when I first got it, this problem just accured about a month ago. I thought it would just go away, but no such luck. Any idea's?

    Microphone: I tried USB microphone, i tried the regular mic jack in the back of the comp, and nothing. The comp wont pick it up at all. I've been wanting to use my mic with iChat A/v. This problem is also hapening on my other G4. So I was wondering if maybe there was a setting or something I might be missing? Or is the only option I have the new camera mic from apple for 150.00.???

    Any help would be great. Thanks!!!


    Oct 4, 12:24 PM
    Sporks FTW! :D You often get them with salad pots from the shop :)

    Feb 23, 06:57 AM
    they said id have to set up my own company etc etc...Just wondering if any of you guys have done the same thing? And have any suggestions about what to call myself? etc etc

    Did they give you any reason why they won't be able to pay you/do business with you if you are not a company?

    Feb 11, 02:00 PM
    Wow there's so much variety in everyone's preferences. I feel pretty ignorant not even hearing about EE or silverstripe until this thread (also for mixing Ruby on Rails as a CMS rather than a framework :o ) I really enjoy theming in Drupal, although it is a challenge.

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