Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bmw 550i Sport

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  • gen_tp
    09-02 12:48 AM
    Immigration Voice:


    cokeraj Jun 2004
    sjagadeesan Jun 2004
    nni123 Aug 2004
    Nashim (co-worker) Nov 2004
    aachoo Dec 2004
    kurtz_wolfgang Dec 2004


    ganesha Apr 2004
    NolaIndian32 04.30.2004
    inskrish May 2004
    Tortoise May 2004
    GCWhru (dependent) Sep 2004
    lotus26 (dependent) Sep 2004
    adriansquare (NIW) Oct 2004
    GCNirvana Dec 2004
    mpek Dec 2004

    Service Center Unknown:

    arav_m Dec 2004


    hope1234 04.05.2004
    ms665 04.07.2004
    Wantgc191 04.14.2009
    mitulpatel 04.15.2004
    whenever 06.10.2004
    srsga 06.30.2004
    nandyap 10.18.2004
    priderock 10.27.2004


    ItsGCTime 03.16.2004
    rghrdr777 04.01.2004
    sreenip4 05.04.2004
    EduKondalaVada 05.22.2004
    curryimmigrant 07.17.2004
    LongHuntforGC Aug 2004
    rajesh144 08.08.2004
    crazy4gc 08.18.2004
    msb0 08.28.2004
    mallu37 09.13.2004
    simran (dependent) 10.03.2004
    ksknov2004 (dependent) 11.01.2004
    vurramass 12.11.2004
    tinkerer 12.13.2004
    awaitinggc 12.24.2004
    vb2012 12.24.2004
    surmut 12.28.2004
    greenedtoday 01.05.2005

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  • satishku_2000
    02-21 11:02 AM

    I thought I am the only poor soul looking for whole month to see the processing dates, Finally they have published today.

    I have seen that I-140 EB3 moved siginificantly But still away from the my receipt date.

    Hopefully you have a good news :)

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  • another one
    08-10 02:55 PM
    signed up for $100 pm last week..

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  • Michael chertoff
    10-06 03:36 PM
    Troll alert. Avoid responding to these posts.

    just a humble question.. whats wrong in responding to this kind of posts. i dont see anything wrong in suggesting or helping other people like us.

    atleast he is not posting anything bad against IV or any religion or anything negative.



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    01-20 03:50 PM
    My I-140 got approved in EB2 category in USA. My spouse who is on H4, born in U.A.E (Dubai) holds an Indian passport.
    I would like to know that whether possible to apply for 485, EAD and AP using my spouse's Country of Birth.

    Apprecite any help.

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  • prioritydate
    09-21 11:27 PM
    What if the employer showed XXX amount on the Labor Certification, and in the offer letter, but send an offer letter to the employee for YYY, where YYY < XXX? Does the employee is still obliged to for with the employer?


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  • vin13
    09-30 02:57 PM
    i just called USCIS to find out when i would be recieving the mail...a very nice lady told me that it is taking 30 days for us to get the mail. Even though they say they have mailed.

    She said one more thing which I am not sure how far I would beileve....she said:
    "It does not matter what the visa bulletein dates show as you have already filed the all you need to look at is Processing dates."

    i asked her then even if the visa bulletein dates are not current for my case then do we have any chance of getting the gc...she said yes...if yours come under the processing dates.

    I am not sure what to make of this.....

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  • satyasaich
    01-27 07:02 AM
    US needs EB1 and Ph.Ds

    Others not contribute as much

    Looks like you are EB1, but your comments are reflecting mindset of uneducated person / so many members of congress and senate of this country.
    What a pity

    But for sure, i'm happy to see something related to EB immigration is addressed ( no matter which 'category' that is)


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  • ronhira
    06-10 11:17 PM
    Why do people write "I support" or "I oppose". Is there a voting going on here. What does "I support" actually mean? I am just trying to understand. r u guys going to do something more after writing "I support"? Just asking

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  • apahilaj
    07-19 07:41 AM
    Hi Dazed, thanks for your response. I checked the filing instructions on 485 form and it does not mention I 134 form any where. I did not file this form since my lawyer never asked me to do so.

    Do you or anyone in this forum know, what happens to the application in that case, RFE, etc?

    Thanks again.


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  • diptam
    09-23 10:16 AM
    To answer your question the Priority date column is NULL ( i mean blank) for most of us in 485 Receipt Notice.

    But the "Section : " is showing UNKNOWN for some of us and showing something else for others...

    I'm wondering if that could be an issue - shall we call USCIS to fix this ?

    what does the priority date column on the recipt notice say?

    Does it show the actual priority date or is it blank or something else?

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  • nj.gc
    08-04 06:11 PM

    I just spoke with customer service representative, She said 2 A #s are not at all problem and she said one more thing to make sure that I485 A # should appear in GC when it will approve.


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  • nousername
    04-07 01:56 PM
    gcformeornot: In your previous post you stated that "substitution is no longer valid".. I apologize as I am not very good with law jargon and definitions and no clue since when substitution was kicked out of the immigration law book.

    Additional details will be greatly appreciated.


    it affects the ORIGINAL applicant. AAO says the burden is on original applicant to prove wrongdoing by either employer or substituted new employee...

    "applicant failed to establish that the substituted alien improperly adjusted status"

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  • jediknight
    11-09 11:18 AM
    Filled out. Will post this in other forums and email lists


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  • pappu
    07-29 11:45 AM
    My son is an U.S citizen (4 years old) and my Attorney successfully filed a petion on behalf of me and mywife.

    But that petion is based on EB2 :p
    I did not understand your answer.
    How come your 4 year old son apply in EB2 category and sponsor the parents. I know the application is for future employment. But this one is stretching too far? :)

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  • neodyn55
    07-30 11:45 PM
    If you don't know the answer, please don't reply. Just because this person asked about getting GC through his/ her baby, it does not mean the person is here illegally or if even this person is in the US. I friend of mine died in an accident in Mumbai and he is survived by his wife and two kids (the kids were born here in the US). His wife asked me the same question and after asking my lawyer, I had to tell her that there is no way she can apply for GC through her children unless her children turn 21.

    Oh don't be such a sourpuss. This is an internet forum, and the last I checked, there was no forum rule stating replies had to be relevant, to the point, and incredibly boring. What are you, a Hitler wannabe? No one's holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read the replies anyway. If it's that important, then the OP should ask a lawyer instead of posting in a free internet forum.

    Lighten up.


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  • cgs
    08-21 10:54 AM
    Enjoy and Please visit us:)

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  • walking_dude
    11-26 02:34 PM
    Why do we always blame others for our problems? USCIS, DOL and now IVs lobbyists?

    First of all, we wouldn't need any lobbyists if ALL members of our community ( including completely inert/inactive members like you) were doing their job. That is approaching the local lawmakers ( US Senators and Reps) office. If al 25,000 members of our site (or at least the majority of them) were doing this, we wouldn't even be needing any lobbying firm. We could have been doing it all ourselves, saving a lot of money and doing a better job.

    Since that's not happening - because most members like you are scared shitless like Chicken Little that sky may fall on your heads if you do that - IV is not left with much option, but to use the services of the Lobbying firms.

    Before asking Lobbying firm for refund, you should do your job of lobbying with your local lawmakers. If you were sharing your part of the responsibility, we wouldn't be needing them in the first place.

    should we not ask for refund from our lobbyists..they lied to us last yearlobbying shoud be result oriented..not stuffing for their turkey...... sab hawa ke badhshah hai..;-)

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  • shaikhshehzadali
    07-29 03:35 PM
    If that's the way u think...This is how it will work

    Yeah right....come to US on tourist Visa when ur wife is pregnant.....let your child be born during that trip...and get a green card..

    Hi there,

    IV seems to be a terrific service to the immigration community. Kudos to the people who work hard to make it work.

    Has anyone heard of cases where immigration lawyers have successfully petitioned on behalf of parents of a US baby (way before the age of 18) to become GC holders or citizens?

    09-22 07:41 PM
    For some reason, I feel that this is just the beginning. Hope I am wrong..

    05-19 11:46 AM
    The Indian compnies absued the B1 visa...they are getting B1 visa but brought in people, put them at client location for work. The USCIS/US consulates found this and this is the right reason for your B1 visa rejection. So you wouldnt be able to get the B1 even if you apply again.

    I agree with you...B-1 visa abuse by indian MNC's putting pressure on the legit applicants. Looks like its all coming together to haunt. I think you'll have little luck in getting it done considering that you've already spent 3 years on H-1B. They might look at it as you are resorting to B-1 visa to immigrate. Sorry to say this but that's most likely is what they are thinking.

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