Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • agc2005
    11-04 09:38 AM

    Actually you don't get copy of I140, the employer and lawyer who gets the Approval notices. There is no rule that they have to give you copy.

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  • bkshres
    01-22 12:50 PM
    I am also in similar situation.

    I have pending I-485 and used AC21 to switch to the new company but I am still in H1B status. However, my wife is using EAD and she need to travel using AP.

    Can anyone suggest whether there will be any issue in travelling outside USA, if I (Primary applicant) is still in H1B status but used AC-21 and wife is using EAD (has to use AP)?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • purgan
    02-18 12:02 AM
    Actually I had suggested a phone/fax campaign to Durbins office. The Anti-immigration/protectionist organizations such as Programmers Guild have targeted this senator for a reason.....but no one is getting our point of view across to him.

    I don't think he's anti-immigrant, but the fact is no one from our community has reached out to him in an organized manner.

    I suggest we start a phone/fax and flower compaign....

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  • we_can
    03-07 02:02 PM
    Pankaj, I have sent you an email.


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  • superdude
    07-20 12:29 AM
    Congrats to all those who are lucky enough to file their I-485 by August 17. I am kind of on the unlucky side. My mandatory labor recruitment wait period of 30 days end on August 17. Wonder if anyone has any idea about I-485 availability or unavailability by september or october or may even next time this year to use up the available numbers.

    I appreciate all your responses.

    Only those whose labor got approved prior to July can apply for 140/485. August Bulletin says "U" for all categories

    It is hard to predict when the numbers will be available again in the future. They may open up for EB1 and for other countires except India, China, Phillipphines and Mexico.

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  • naushit
    02-12 08:36 AM

    My case was very similar in last November, I did call them many times...but same old answer. but in last month they told me they did not work on my case because my fiinger prints were expired. they expire every 15 months, and without valid FP , case even will not pass standard "filter" criteria, and they don't consider it "ready to approve"

    Looks like you sent your 485 on Jul 2007, assume your first FP was done before Aug 2007? if yes, it's expired. By any chance, did you do your 2nd FP?

    Just my 2 cents.!


    Our cases are assigned to IO more that 60 days ago. No LUD's sofar.

    Called VSC, One officer told me that they have thousands of cases pending. :confused:

    Any one got GC recently and pending with IO more that 60 days ?

    Appricaite comments and advice.


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  • chapper
    11-11 03:29 PM (

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  • abhijitp
    01-25 12:01 AM
    Hello Nor. Cal,

    If we don't get going, I am afraid that we will not be able to achieve our objective, your objective.

    A few motivated people can only go so far. It is unfair to think that your time is more precious than any other volunteer's time. You just might be surprised to learn from us how busy we ourselves are.

    Please stand up for your rights. Don't take this campaign for granted.

    Thanks for this, gsc999

    Thanks chandu & kiica for your help too!


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  • franklin
    09-23 02:42 AM
    FWIW - I never got any copies of receipts, just the numbers, from my attorney

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  • JeffDG
    01-19 08:04 PM
    I like to talk about people who wouldn't qualify as EB2/EB1...

    Bill Gates for example. Steve Jobs for another...both are college dropouts...ok, now they could get EB1C, but neither qualifies for EB2.

    Another dropout who is an immigrant is Richard Branson (Virgin everything)


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  • SlowRoasted
    06-25 05:23 PM
    did this poll get lost in that hacker attack? just wondering.

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  • srikanthmavurapu
    08-17 02:16 PM
    As your current employer is not the direct client of your former emplyer, they may not have a good case to sue you. They will threaten you to get something out of the situation. So, don't hurry and consult an attorney or get more information from some educated source on this type of matters. By the way, don't tell him what you will do. Just find out what he is trying to do and act accordingly. If you tell him that you will complain to DOL, he will be prepared to face it. Good luck.

    Ya they wanted to get some money out of me by threatening me ......
    I have an appointment with Attorney after i talk to him i will decide what to do ....


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  • ragz4u
    04-13 10:07 PM
    My point exactly.

    So then maybe the wait is only the 3 months (90 days) that Sen Sessions wishes to impose, correct?

    I just cannot recollect where I had read that the law has to be published somewhere and there is 90 days delay (when someone can comment if necessary) and only then it becomes a law. I could be absolutely wrong though

    Also, Sessions was able to get an amendment passed last time since SJC was in a tearing hurry. That might not be the case this time and they might want to implement this bill soon to 'stem the flow across the borders'. Personally I cannot wait for some new bill to take effect.

    I really wish that you are right about the first point and I am right about the second ;-)

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  • topman123
    06-21 02:33 AM
    Not sure why this is getting rejected...


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  • dale
    09-24 03:32 AM
    hey thanks everyone for the great comments about my stamps (the 3 vector ones including the green swan stamp) - i completely forgot about them (haven't been on here for a while) so i didn't even get to vote. ah well, thanks anyway everyone!


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  • pappu
    08-10 04:09 PM
    My GC is approved but still I want to continue my contribution (in steps of $20) for this good cause....However, I dont see any $20 contributions for last couple of weeks..Is it possible to start contribution of $20 for guy like me who have GC & wants to help for this cause?

    Congrats on your GC and thanks for your support.

    We took out the $20 per month option. We had that option for $20 per month for 6 months and only 200+ people signed up out of several thousand members who visit the site everyday. This happened when we announced that we may have to close this site and our work for lack of funds. After seeing lack of appreciation from members, running an organization and putting effort then seems useless to us in the core team. Why should we spend so much time and energy on something that only few people appreciate out of thousands in this community? Why should we run an organization where only a handful want to help out and everyone else is only interested in asking questions, complaining , picking up fights with others, criticizing IV?

    Many people wrote to us saying $20 is too high and it should be reduced to $10 or even $1 per month and then everyone will contribute.

    So pls tell us how we can survive with such amounts when others are spending hundreds or thousands and millions to prevent our bill?
    Lack of funds affect our ability to go all out and get the work done. Lobbying is no charity. So unless each and every member feels to contribute from his/her heart contributions will not happen.

    Previously people used to ask our achievements and say that they will contribute only after they see some results. We have given a few results till now and demonstrated commitment to the cause. If people are still not going to contribute, then such people will never contribute. We value everyone that has contributed and anyone who contributes in times of need.


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  • Green.Tech
    08-06 12:53 PM
    In my particular case, when i signed the contract, the employer agreed to pay for my GC process. But as usual, My employer also did not follow the contract and when my labor was approved, he asked me to pay for the Labor and take care of GC application fees hence forth. I was kind of surprised and did argue with my employer. But Employer gave me an option to leave his company and move to a diff company if needed. But since the labor was approved and the current project was going fine, i thought of sticking with the company and agreed on paying the GC fees.

    I dont know if we can really go and harass our employer to re-imburse the GC expenses as they know what they are doing and what are the consequences if they go back on their words..I think they know pretty well about all the loopholes in this immigration process.

    I am sorry to learn that your employer backed down on its contract. Thanks for your input.

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  • Madhuri
    06-15 12:26 AM
    So is it that, if you already have approved 3 yr H1 extension after 6 yrs
    then it will not become invalid even if you get EAD now?

    You can file I485 while H1 is pending. But if you read the H1 ext clause, you can see that you are eligible for H1 extension beyond 6 years only if your labor is pending for more than 1 year, or if you can't file for adjustment of status because of retrogression. Now, because you are eligible for I-485, you lose the eligibility to extend H1, which means, your pending H1 can be denied whether you file I485 or not. You might be lucky and get away with successful extension. But if the officer knows what he is doing, he'll not clear your extension. I have to add that I am assuming your H1 extension is BEYOND 6 years. If it is within 6 years, there is no problem. You'll get an extension.

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  • cooldesi
    01-24 11:47 PM
    Your employer can file a new H1B extension petition with the documents covering the problems that caused the first denial. Now the lawyer should attach a letter notifying USCIS about the the first denial and than asking them for adjustment of status.
    There is no annual cap. (or may be 300,00) on H1b extension cases. Hence in your case irrespective of your denial, you can file fresh extension one more time & making sure that you are not missing anything and a letter to USCIS mentioning your previous denial case.

    I am telling you this on my own experience. And mind you this is not a time for you to be cheap. Please consult with a good lawyer.
    I agree and my experience suggests that it's always better to file fresh application than mtr. this is just my personal opinion.

    07-16 06:49 PM
    AILA/AILF please do some good work other than chiding for spreading rumours.I beleive IV and their internal contacts..and totally beleive this infor from LOGICBHAI...
    I suggest AILA does some really good work for the legal guys....

    03-27 08:59 AM
    I had checked it with our Attorney and it is fine to work on Volunteer basis. However, there are very few oraganizations which will let you work. Working of the books is illegal...

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